Partners Connected Health Challenge 2017


The Connected Health Innovation Challenge (CHIC) program aims to accelerate the development of disruptive, patient-centric and connected health solutions that radically improve lives of patients. It is designed to stimulate development of early stage, novel ideas using the User-Centered Design (UCD) team within Partners Connected Health. The winner of CHIC will be awarded UCD services to develop the idea into a prototype. This Partners HealthCare (PHS)-wide initiative is being run by Partners Connected Health (PCH) and is open to any full-time employee at PHS or a PHS-affiliated institution or faculty member with a primary appointment at a PHS-affiliated institution. 



All applications must be submitted through the CHIC website. 

At the request of the applicant, Partners Connected Health can assist with questions related to the application and services awarded. 



Applications will be evaluated by members of the Partners Connected Health Review Committee (Committee). This Committee is comprised of Partners HealthCare Senior Leadership, PCH Staff and the sponsors of the particular CHIC challenge. The following criteria will be used to evaluate applications: 

  • Need: Does this idea address an immediate need? Will it impact a large number of individuals or a small number of individuals in a significant way? 
  • Patient/Provider Impact: How does the idea provide additional access to care, reduce costs, improve quality and/or serve the community? 
  • Originality of the idea: Is the idea unique and innovative? Does it challenge the status-quo? 
  • Clarity of concept: Is there a clear description of the idea? 
  • Viability: Can the idea be sustainable and have a significant impact on healthcare? 
  • Feasibility: Is it technically possible to develop the idea? 



Awards will be governed by the PHS Intellectual Property Policy (



To be eligible for CHIC, every team must have at least one full-time employee at PHS or a PHS-affiliated institution and each team must have at least three members. Non-PHS team members are permitted as long as there is at least one PHS employee. 



  • Four teams will be awarded User-Centered Design Services valued at up to $15K 
  • The CHIC winner will be awarded User-Centered Design Services valued at up to $200K 

Each of the four finalist teams will be expected to spend two days at a PCH Innovation Bootcamp to prepare their idea for the Pitch-Off event. The CHIC winner will spend additional hours with the team at PCH to develop their idea into an early stage prototype which will later be showcased at the 2017 PCHA Connected Health Conference. 



Questions related to Connected Health Innovation Challenge should be directed to Sunita Patolia, Program Manager, at