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Connected Health Innovation

From ideation to research, to design and implementation, our multi-disciplinary team develops technology-enabled solutions that facilitate collaborative care, self-management, and improved quality outcomes to empower patients and providers to transform healthcare.


Who We Are

The team members who helped to launch CHIC explore and innovate, always keeping in mind the mission and our passions.


Kamal Jethwani, MD, MPH

Senior Director, Connected Health Innovation

As a physician and researcher, I'm enthusiastic about technology in healthcare directly empowering patients to better care for themselves!


Nancy Lugn

Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, Partners Connected Health

My goal is to make a meaningful contribution to the Partners Connected Health strategy of making digital healthcare solutions more readily available to promote wellness and manage disease.


Paula McCree

Program Director

Helping people take better care of themselves to lead healthy lives has always been a passion of mine. I am honored to be surrounded by and supporting people with so many different skills, perspectives, and backgrounds, all driven by with the same mission.


Jodi Sperber

User Center Design Team Lead

I'm passionate about the power of social networks, recognizing that today’s emerging patient-centered health movement is focused not on a specific condition or demographic, but rather on shifting the balance of power and enabling access to information to drive decision-making in healthcare.


Sunita Patolia

Program Manager, Operations

I love that my job is to inspire and enable the people on my team and in the Partners community to be fearless innovators, and to generate disruptive ideas to revolutionize healthcare. I aim to facilitate cross-functional collaborations that make those ideas stronger and grounded in patient needs and user insights.


Lonn Drucker

Business Strategy Consultant

My vision is to transform how we provide and think about patient care. Instead of designing our solutions around the System and the doctor's office, I envision a future where we design care around the patient and the home.


Sunetra Bane

User Centered Design Researcher

*CHIC Innovation Sherpa (UCD Mentor)

I bring my passion for both public health and research to the field of healthcare design and innovation.


Julie Brown

Administrative Assistant

I am on a quest, both personally and professionally, for continual improvement in health, healthcare and knowledge.

Lauren Cortese

Research Analyst

As a Research Analyst, I love the moment when I get to put our tech-based tools in the hands of the patient, to empower them personally while learning from their experiences to improve and optimize our connected health solutions.


Jennifer Felsted

Program Manager, Data Science & Analytics

As a scientist and health enthusiast, I’m passionate about creating and leveraging connected health solutions to empower patients.

Nils Fischer

Data Specialist

I'm a public health enthusiast interested in how innovation, technology, and better policy can create healthier lives.


Joe Gracz

User Experience Designer

*CHIC Innovation Sherpa (UCD Mentor)

I’m most passionate about new opportunities and ideas that are created through collaboration with others. I really enjoy using my skills to work with others towards meaningful, impactful solutions that improve lives.


Jaclyn Hirschey

User Centered Design Researcher

*CHIC Innovation Sherpa (UCD Mentor)

Working at Partners Connected Health has given me the opportunity to apply my passion for health, wellness and behavior change to the design of new health products. I enjoy working closely with patients to better understand their needs and building products that help them achieve their health goals.

John Miner

Project Manager, Product development

My goal is to help shape the future of healthcare with the technology available now.


Scott Newland

Senior User Experience Designer

*CHIC Innovation Sherpa (UCD Mentor)

I am most passionate about bringing a creative approach towards expanding opportunities in healthcare and education for those with special needs.


Sharon Odametey

Project Manager, Research

Technology excites me. Helping patients, especially those from underserved backgrounds, to better manage their illnesses and live a healthier lifestyle is my professional mission. Combining these two—Technology and Healthcare—makes magic!


Simone Orlowski

User Centered Design Research Fellow

*CHIC Innovation Sherpa (UCD Mentor)

I am passionate about working with vulnerable and underserved populations. I am an advocate for designing solutions that decrease, rather than increase digital inequality.


Shiyi Zan

Senior User Experience Designer

*CHIC Innovation Sherpa (UCD Mentor)

As a user experience designer and population health researcher, I’m passionate about the creativity, collaboration, discovery, and purpose that user-centered design brings to the development of products and services that enable and empower people to live well.




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